Saturday, October 29, 2011

I keep trying..

I keep trying to get time to do this.. crikey.. it seems like a never ending struggles just to get a few moments to do anything nowadays. I have the intent to rock your world with a few choice eps and singles I have been picking up lately. I haven't even mentioned my marathon vinyl shopping rampage through Manchester, London and Paris!!! I also seem to have been taking more time to piss around with making mixes, some strange idea of me reliving my dj past (or illusions of grandeur). I will include some for you here, IF I can figure out how to do podcasting.. something that has been eluding me for a while now. I never seem to get past the technical mumbo-jumbo of it all.

For all of you who still check from time to time, I am very sorry that things have gone stagnant. I have a 3yr old daughter, a house, back in school for nursing, and another son on the way in Feb. Life has been increasingly in the 'fast lane', and I cannot seem to find the offramp... Keep checking, you may find some surprising things pop up!

On an off note.. it's "have annoying and ungrateful kids knock on your door and beg for candy to make them fat" day again. I'd really LOVE to see kids going door to door asking for canned goods to help the local food banks, in lieu of feeding their own greedy faces. Perhaps this might work for instilling some good values in your kids? Or at least potentially saving you the bill at the dentist.

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