Monday, October 31, 2011

I kind of promised this would happen soon, and really couldn't not come through for you!

This isn't really where it all started, but I've done a whole series of these mixes now. Some are decent, some, well.. not so great upon reflection. It does give me a chance to work off some stress, get back into the knack of playing music, and express some music I've become fond of. A lot of these mixes are based on feelings at the time, and tend to be somewhat darker in nature. The encompass many musical genres such as: shoegaze, britpop, ambient, electronic, trance. Give them a listen and PLEASE post your feedback, even if you think it sucks. Keep one thing in mind, I am NOT using any professional equipment to do these, so do not judge them too harshly. Also, they are one big track since I cannot make them split anymore without annoying clicks at the start of the tracks. I am more or less putting songs together I feel work well as a theme. I'll put more of them up in a few days, but for now you can have a listen to this.


1) White Lies - Death (Crystal Castles Remix)
2) Crystal Castles - Celeste
3) Bridal Shop - Ideal State
4) Orbital - Belfast/Wasted
5) The Mary Onettes - Puzzles
6) Mumm-Ra - She's Got You High
7) Athlete - Wires
8) Doves - Caught By The River
9) Sad Day For Puppets - Blue Skies
10) Mellonova - Stolen Gift
11) Cocteau Twins - Serpentskirt
12) Death In Vegas - Girls
13) Guitaro - Find You Out (Part 4)
14) A Northern Chorus - Let The Parrots Speak For Themselves
15) Mazzy Star - Halah
16) Great Lake Swimmers - Falling Into The Sky

Grab it here!


Ben Turner said...

The link is dead for me. Welcome back, by the way !

Anonymous said...

Having trouble leaving comments to say the link was broken for me. Will try and post anonymously...

Anonymous said...

i'm unable to download this file, my anti-virus is blocking it. Can you tell me why?
Thanks for the great blog!

Dreamwave said...

I'll check into it.

Dreamwave said...

seems I pissed someone off with this one.. damn laws and such. Wish they'd just understand that this type of thing only helps to PROMOTE bands.. meh.