Friday, June 23, 2006

Hong Kong Trash - Down The River 12"

One of my favorite House/Trance/Progressive tracks period. Had a piss of a time finding this, guessing not many dj's wanted to part with their copy. Three variations, the McBuffallo Mix being the best in my opinion. Simply a must have track if you like to club it!

Track 1, Down The River (McBuffallo Mix)

Track 2, Down The River (DJ GoGo Mix)

Track 3, Down The River (Three Drives On A Vinyl Mix)

Grab The Tracks Here,

Dutch Cyber Records 2004, CR 026

Personal rating 4/5


Anonymous said...

Hong Kong Trash - Down The River and Spirea X are not working.
Great blog!
I will have to dust off some of my old vinyl to post.

Dreamwave said...