Friday, June 23, 2006

OMD -We Love You 12"

I'm not sure why I didn't put OMD in my favorites list, in retrospect they are one of my favorite bands in that era. In hopes to make up for my omission, here is some. A great song from what was a great album 'Pacific Age'. Though a lot of people noted this as being the death of OMD, I feel the material was some of their strongest to date, and more appealing to the masses. The extended mix is excellent, as are many of OMD's mixes. Here you'll have three variations, including a dub version. I'm sure to have more OMD in the future, as I think I own most of the 12" releases they put out. So, if you want something here, drop me a line!

Track 1, We Love You (Extended)

Track 2, We Love You (7" Mix)

Track 3, We Love You (Dub Version)

Grab the tracks here,

UK Virgin Records 1986, VS911-12

Personal rating 4/5

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