Thursday, July 20, 2006

Slowdive - Morningrise 12"

Slowdive is god. That's how I would define the feeling Slowdive invokes in me, it's spiritual. If you don't know what I mean, please rush to your nearest retailer and pick up ANY of the Slowdive releases, and see if you doubt what I say. How did I get into Slowdive? Well, that's a short story I'll write for you here (bare with me, I'm not a good story teller!) Back in college, I used to spend my student loan money (ha!) on lots of music, and as you can imagine, that's where I got some of my huge collection. I frequented a shop in Oakville Ontario called 'The Record Peddler', and one day they happened to be playing a new band called Slowdive. They were playing the UK version of Souvlaki, which happened to be the limited double CD version. I stayed in that shop wandering around looking and relooking at the same things over and over inorder to listen to the whole 2 CDs worth of bliss. After the discs were finished, and I was screaming for more, I told them I wanted that disc! Bleh, it was a promo, and they didn't have any for sale! Just my luck, a few weeks later I bled my guts and got a special order from the UK and paid a whopping $75 CDN for the same 2 CD set. The rest, as they would say, is history. If CDs were in any way like records, I would have literally played right through the CD by now. I had the thing on repeat all night long through my 2 years at college, and have played it thousands of times since. Needless to say, that $75 was a wise investment. Slowdive IS my intimate favorite band. I saw them live once, own literally everything they've put out, including promo versions of everything (bit crazy no?). I even boycotted Creation records when they were ousted for their Pygmalion release. I have seen Mojave 3 some 3 times now, Neil once as a solo (and ALMOST) had them play an in store in my shop! (that was scrapped the day before because of supposed flight mixups). I think I'm the biggest Slowdive fan in the world, though some may argue with me on that, and am preaching the gospel to you now. If you listen to the beautiful layered guitars on any Slowdive song, and the angelic voice of Rachel, I'm sure you will agree.. Slowdive is god.

Track 1, Morningrise

Track 2, She Calls

Track 3, Losing Today

Grab the tracks here!

UK Creation Records 1991, CRE 098T

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Tekkrokk said...

Slowdive reissued their CD's "Just For A Day", "Souvlaki", and the hard to find "Pygmalion" recently. The first 2 reissues are 2CD releases containing the "lost" material from their out-of-print EP's like Morningrise.

Dreamwave said...

.. or you can just find the Blue Day album, gives you the early eps as well. Costs a bit more though ;)