Thursday, July 20, 2006

XTC - All You Pretty Girls 12"

Probably my favorite XTC song, despite there being many to choose from. This one, and I still don't know why, gets me humming every time I throw it on the table. It's one of those toe tapping 'catchy' songs that stay with you all day.... And that can be problematic if you start trying to whistle the whistling parts. Simply a great song, the flip sides are great too, 'Wash Away' reminds me a bit of The Monks, and 'Red Brick Dream' reminds me of The Jazz Butchers. Good single to own, I have never seen another copy of this in my travels, though that doesn't really mean anything does it? Perhaps just nobody where I live bought the bloody thing. Hope you like it, though it isn't the Fuzzy Warbles Volumes.

Track 1, All You Pretty Girls

Track 2, Wash Away

Track 3, Red Brick Dream

Grab the tracks here!

UK Virgin Records 1984, VS709-12

Personal rating 4/5

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