Thursday, September 07, 2006

Secession - Promise 12"

Combining the darker sound of goth, and the lighter sound of synthpop, Secession scored a few minor hits with the tracks promise' and 'Sneakyville' from the album A Dark Enchantment. The above description may not denote something that will send you rushing out to find a copy for yourself, but I can assure you'll not only find it difficult to FIND any Secession releases, but any fan of 80's synth will quite enjoy their sound. I'm not sure this band actually put anything out any other full lengths, as I've only seen their album and a pile of singles in shops anywhere (I'm sure someone can reiterate that for me here). Give this a chance, and let me know what you think.

Track 1, Promise (Dance Mix)

Track 2, Promise (Dub Mix)

Track 3, The Magician (Pecky Plus Mix)

Track 4, The Magician (Pecky Dub Mix)

Grab the tracks here!

Canadian Siren Records 1987, VSX1390

Personal rating 3.5/5


tinywhite said...

thanks for the secession ep.
and i cant wait for the other things you have listed. 2 more requests if i may?
I have this 12" "proud to fall" by ian mcculloch, but the b-sides are scratched, so im looking for "everything is real" and the "the circle game", also
henry badowski (on IRS records) any singles, b-sides would be nice, plus i think people would like him even tho hes early 80's.
Thanks again keep up the good work!

Dreamwave said...

Sadly, I can't help you with either of those.. I can try to dig them up, vut I'm almost 100% sure I don't have that Ian ep.

Anonymous said...

they are awesome. i love this band

copias_789 said...

Good morning from GREECE

Please my friend can you re upload this one

Thanks In Advance