Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Altered Images - Pinky Blue 12"

Usually when I hear a singer like this, I'm having nightmares of being trapped in a bad 80's karaoke, but for some reason I was sucked in my this band. The vocal are different, that's for sure, and musically it's perhaps a little too happy for me at most time in normal circumstances. I honestly say that yes, I am a sucker for this band (am I crazy?), and adore mostly this track in 'Pinky Blue', but furthermore enjoy most of what I've heard by the band. Yes, Altered Images, with squeaky on vocals, had me constantly humming and tapping (and you know that's always a bad sign). This dance version is even more addictive, as it sounds like perfect pop to me. This is the way some other bands in the 80's should have made music, instead of that dribbling syrup crap they did make. So is it such a bad thing to have a singer who is high on helium? In this case I argue no! I'm not sure it would sound the same, nor stick out in a crowd as much. Give this a few listens, either you will be humming and tapping too, or maybe I'll see you in some karaoke bar somewhere singing 'Karma Chameleon'.

Track 1, Pinky Blue (Dance Mix)

Track 2, Jump Jump/Think That It Might (Sequed Dance Mix)

Grab the tracks here! Password-pwemb.blogspot.com

UK Epic Records 1982, EPC-A-13-2426

Personal rating 4/5


Jerry said...

I've been enjoying your Blog and music selections quite a bit.... just a little positive reinforcement from an old new waver keep up the good work. I do have one point for improvement. The format that you post the album covers should be the same size/aspect ratio so one can easily import the cover into Itunes.



Dreamwave said...

Hi Jerry

Thanks for the note, and the kudos. I actually am scanning all the albums the same size, and reducing them to the same size (I have a program that is set to do the reduction to a specific size). I can only manage the portion of the covers that you see, as my scanner won't cover a full album covers width. If you have more specific instructions as to what you mean, please drop me an email and I'll try to accomidate.


Jerry said...

Wow It didn't enter my mind that the scanner size was the problem. I guess the only thing you could do would be to make two scans and stitch them together in some photoshop type program but that seems like an awful lot of work. I usually just search
to find a cover..... if it exists. Your EPs are a bit harder to find especially the small Canadian bands.

Thanks for the interesting music


I Am The Invisible Man.............. said...

I Love me some Altered Images!! If the pinky blue stuff is too happy for you check out their way more depressing Siouxsie inspired stuff:Altered Images:Dead Pop Stars.mp3 :

RObert POland said...

Great long versions!



King AdBeck said...

Your blog is a godsend to music lovers everywhere, especially those of us looking for 12 inch tracks in digital format. Any chance you have Ian McCulloch's September Song or The Cure's High (Trip Mix)? Check out my blog sometime if you get a chance.

Thanks and keep up the good work,

Dreamwave said...

Hi Adam

I did have the Ian 12", but sold it to a fellow online who was asking about it (sorry man). The Cure I don't have, don't have much of their stuff, really wasn't into them apart from some songs and a few albums. If I come across any of them again, I'll grab them and rip them.


crayola said...

lovely blog.
will stick a link from mine to you.

we seem to be on a similar wavelength.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mateys.
just passing through, nice site!
Did you know that the lead singer of altered images - claire grogan, appeared numerous times in Red Dwarf, forgotten the names but she played the girlfriend of the liverpool accented character played by Craig Charles, her name was something like katchansky??

Anonymous said...

Erm...can u re-post the Pinky Blue 12" by any chance?

Anonymous said...

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