Sunday, January 21, 2007

Lil Louis - French Kiss 12"

If you happened to be clubbing and the music suddenly started sounding like the dj flicked on a porno, chances are this was the track you heard. The track combines catchy house riffs with the uber sexy moaning midway through, which I'm sure grabbed the attention of a few kids who were clinging to Kleenex and wanting to more. If you haven't heard this track, well here's your chance. It is now considered a classic track by all in the dance community, and one that's still highly sought after. This 12" contains the vocal version as well as the instrumental version.

Track 1, French Kiss (Vocal)

Track 2, French Kiss (Back Up Your Conversation Mix)

UK FFRR Records 1989, FXR 115

Personal rating 4/5


Christophe said...

nice memories
thanks a lot for this
your blog is really cool :)

Anonymous said...

u rock! thank u thank u thank u

Anonymous said...

u rock! thank u thank u thank u!