Monday, January 22, 2007

Medicine - Time Baby 3 12"

Another of the want-to-be My Bloody Valentine bands that cropped up in the mid 90's, Medicine follows the status quo with the squealing guitars and feedback, but fail to capture the essence that is MBV. The band released 4 full length LP, 2 of which were highly regarded at the time, and the other 2 being something to hold your coffee mug. This EP offers their most brilliant track in 'Time Baby 3', probably because it offers vocals by Liz Fraser and guitars by Robin Guthrie (aka Cocteau Twins). 'Time Baby 3' gained some notoriety when put on The Crow soundtrack, and was a pseudo hit on college radio. Simply said, Medicine were an OK band attempting brilliant thing. The chemistry was right, but the output a little off. If it were not for this EP, I probably wouldn't have them in my collection at all, but noted them as just another wanna be in this genre.

Track 1, Time Baby 3

Track 2, She Knows Everything

Track 3, Little Miss Drugstore

Track 4, Zelzah

UK American Records 1994, ARB 6T

Personal rating 3/5


Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about this song the other day - so thanks very much for putting this up! - I downloaded Time Baby II from singingfish and it's amazing the difference between the two versions - II, I really don't like, but III was in my record collection for years and one of my favourites. But then I am a Cocteaus fan. Keep it up, excellent site and (nearly!) every time you post a new post it's something I've treasured on vinyl over the years!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dreamwave, just a short note to say thanks for posting some great (and otherwise unobtainable) music. I've only just discovered your blog and have spent most of the afternoon going through it, downloading etc. Absolutely delighted to find Furniture's Brilliant Mind - didn't even know it existed ! I wonder whether you have any RED BOX or THE ADVENTURES 12" singles ? Thanks again, Gareth (in the UK). PS so much for a 'short' note :O)

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your site and love it!!!! Many thanks!!

Any chance you could re-up that Darkside single?

Dreamwave said...

The Darkside link still works, just checked it out.

Dreamwave said...

I might have a Red Box single, but I don't have anything by the Adventures, sorry mate.

Jerry said...

I have adventures "send my heart" if interested

echodek said...

Medicine were great... Their first LP, Shot Forth Self Living was a brilliant grinding noise fest that you can dance to. It's really their only essential LP, this EP is great for Time Baby 3, but my favorite track is the Billy Corgan remix of She Knows Everything - it's what can be described as how listening to music on acid sounds - twisting/distorting and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad that you never saw them live, they were absolutely amazing (and I can say that I compared everyone live to MBV at that time since I was lucky enough to have caught them at the ROXY and the Palace on Vine so I don't say they were amazing frivolously).

I saw them open for Chapterhouse at the Whiskey and they completely blew my socks off. By the way, Chapterhouse were really good as well, much harder than any of the recorded output I had heard at the time.

I had a chance to see Medicine open for Swervedriver, and on another occasion they opened for Jesus and Mary Chain+Curve+Spiritualized for the Rollercoaster tour.

The last time I saw Medicinea was at The Brick House in Santa Barbara, Summer 1994. The venue was really small, there was no stage so they set up right on the floor in front of the audience.

They performed an amazing set that ended rather chaotically with a 20+ minute rendition of Lime 6 where the drummer got sick and blew chunks all over his drum kit.

Every time I saw them they seemed to be honing there craft ore and more, it's too bad that they were never ever to capture what they did live on one of their studio albums... Her Majesty was a total waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Medicine, The Brick House, Santa Barbara, Summer 1994. The last time I would ever see them and certainly the best. The venue is small, there’s no stage so they set up right on the floor in front of you. They performed an amazing set that ended rather chaotically with a 20+ minute rendition of Lime 6 where the drummer got sick and blew chunks all over his drum kit.

Anonymous said...

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