Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Locust - Morning Light

Since we've been flirting lately somewhere between shoegaze and electronic, I felt is necessary to add another of my favorite albums to the mix here, and give you yet another glimpse into what I listen to. This simply brilliant album by Locust easily makes it onto my top ten album list, and is usually never properly archived on the shelf, but rather strewn near my player with the other discs I play on a regular basis (nice system I have no?). The original allure of this album was the guest appearance of one Neil Halstead, prompting me to grab the CD from a local shop. The album skirts many genres in the electronic field, from ambient, to almost a trip-hop feeling, and adding the somewhat 60's flair with Wendy Roberts, who oddly sounds like a 60's Shirley Bassey. It has all the the moments that would compel any chill out fan to grab this, yet keep the qualities to attract fans of shoegaze and electronic ambient as well. 'On The Horizon' sounds like it could have been a track that just missed getting onto the album Pygmalion, obviously having Neil Halstead singing more enforces that feeling. This album will immerse you in rich soundscapes, and have you adding this to your usual playlist. I feel it is one of the more important albums of the late 90's, and is still relative musically today. Pay special attention to 'No-One In The World', and 'The Girl With The Fairytale Dream'.

Track 1, All Your Own Way

Track 2, One Way Or Another

Track 3, I Am The Murderer

Track 4, Your Selfish Ways

Track 5, Just Like You

Track 6, No-One In The World

Track 7, Clouds At My Feet

Track 8, Summer Rain

Track 9, Ancient Hometown

Track 10, The Girl With The Fairytale Dream

Track 11, Let Me Take You Back

Track 12, Shadow Play

Track 13, On The Horizon

Grab the tracks here! Password-pwemb.blogspot.com

US Sire Records 1997, 31026-2

Personal rating 5/5


Anonymous said...

File doesn't seem to be there...

Dreamwave said...

it is, it seems bestsharing is having a global brain fart at the moment...

chris fish said...

You're right, beautiful album. Did you know the original UK release has a different track listing with some songs that aren't on this version?

chris fish said...

You're right, beautiful album. Did you know, though, that the original UK release has a different track listing, with some songs that aren't on this version?

Dreamwave said...

Didn't know that, mind you, the CD is fairly scarce over here in Canada.. lucky I got the one I did :)

Anonymous said...

I love this album! GREAT!
Ciao Roberto

tinywhite said...

Hello dreamwave
Ive been wanting to thank you for this for ages now, but I forgot my password to blog and had to resign in. anyway.....
Its times like this that I enjoy having spent hour after hour sifting through blog after blog to find new music. This Band and Album, that I know nothing about, are truely amazing! I hear so many influences from Kate Bush, Sinead O'Conner, Dead Can Dance, Carpenters and all that downtempo chill stuff! I've heard this album 3 times in a row and I havent done that to a CD for a real long time. Songs 1, 2 and 3 are stuck in my head!
This also inspired me to delve into my collection and try to find things that are similar, I came up with the Perfume Tree and Vas which I'm listening to at this moment!
This will rank in my top 10 finds and I will try to find out more about this band and hopefully find more music by them.
Thanks Again