Monday, April 16, 2007

My Bloody Valentine - Tremlo EP

My Bloody Valentine began as a collective gathering of sounds, incorporating the angst of Jesus & Mary Chain, the softer wailings of the Cocteau Twins, and pounding reverence of Sonic Youth in the US. The band, though short lived by any label's standards, managed to create a short-lived UK hysteria aptly known as shoegazing. Though often thought dead by many a critic, the shoegazer world is alive and kicking, boasting some amazing new bands, and hommage to these older magicians who created beautiful textured layers of guitars meshed with haunting lyrics. This EP, somewhat revered as being a mini LP, is what the end of My Bloody Valentine sounds like, being the last thing to be released officially. Yes, we can go back to the Creation days, and dig up all the gems they released there, and then looks (again) in horror as another iconic band is cast away from the label (refer to Slowdive). So why did the lovley chords strum to silence? Who knows.. once in a while we wait for some word of the lost My Bloody Valentine 'other two' albums to be released, or some hint that the band 'might' do something else, but that's all.. just rumors. I feel the book is closed. Likewise with other bands like Slowdive, who suffered a similar fate, they have moved on. Perhaps Kevin Shields sits there in his little home studio dreaming what could have been, perhaps he doesn't care, he's probably fat and bald by now anyway. But if we can remember anything, hinted by this EP for example, is that while in the glory, My Bloody Valentine were a force to be reckoned with, and were simply marvelous in their time.

Track 1, To Here Knows When

Track 2, Swallow

Track 3, Honey Power

Track 4, Moon Song

Grab the tracks here!

US Sire Records 1991, 9 40024-2

Personal rating 4.5/5


Olivier said...

Great posts on your blog. I wish I could download any of the music, but at 9 KB/Sec, it takes more than 1 hour to download an EP!!

Dreamwave said...

Not much I can do about the download speeds, you can try a download booster. All these freeshare sites run about the same speeds, and I honestly can't afford the costs of paying a site to share all this stuff, unless people are willing to donate a small amount to keep the operating costs to basically $0

echodek said...

This has got to be my favorite EP by MBV - Honey Power is a sadly overlooked gem. If anyone wants to be schooled in "shoegaze," start here.