Friday, April 20, 2007

Requests Galore...

Lots of requests to Fill! So little time...

Firstly, we'll start off with a request from a while back for MORE Alphaville b-sides. Well, here's a start for you! A lovely (and possibly my favorite) Alphaville 12". Note the b-side in 'Golden Feeling' which was actually used on the soundtrack for Der Bulle & Day Madchen. Great stuff, and sure to satisfy your quests for flip sides for a time, or until I can get to more of my collection!

Track 1, Jet Set (Jellybean Mix)

Track 2, Jet Set (Dub Mix)

Track 3, Golden Feeling

Grab the tracks here!

German WEA Records 1985, 249 126-0

Personal rating 4.5/5

Another request I got from an anonymous source asking for anything by Camouflage. A great Ep, though again, this Justin Strauss fellow has to go and bugger up this beautiful song. Why do we need early hip-hop type horns ect in a track that clearly doesn't warrant it? Anyway, if your a fan of these German gurus, then you'll most likely appreciate the 'German Band Version', as it's quite different. This 12" also has a track in 'Every Now And Then' which is unavailable previously.

Track 1, That Smiling Face (Justin Strauss Remix)

Track 2, That Smiling Face (LP Version)

Track 3, That Smiling Face (German Band Version)

Track 4, Every Now And Then

Grab the tracks here!

US Atlantic Records 1988, 0-86436

Personal rating 4/5

Another great track, and a request for the b-side 'Poised On The Edge Of Forever'. Simply brilliant! This song is one of the tracks that represent the 80's for me, and if I were to make a compilation of some of the most important songs in that time, this would easily be on there. The b-side is great too, albeit a live rendition. For some reason, I remember the b-side being in a movie, rolling at the end.. hrm, maybe it's just my age catching up with me, and I believe what I want to believe! In any case, hope you enjoy this one.

Track 1, Life In A Northern Town (Extended Version)

Track 2, Test Tape No 3

Track 3, Life In A Northern Town (7" Mix)

Track 4, Poised On The Edge Of Forever

Grab the tracks here!

UK Blanco Y Negro Records 1985, NEG 10T

Personal rating 5/5

I almost couldn't find the few Lightning Seeds 12" singles I had, as for some odd reason they were misfiled (egads!). Hope this floats your boat, that's about it for this group in my collection, don't really have a ton of their stuff, just a few LPS.

Track 1, Joy

Track 2, Frenzy

Track 3, Control The Flame

Grab the tracks here!

UK Ghetto Records 1989, GTGT6

Personal rating 3.5/5

Another great song, and possible candidate for some anthem song of the 80's. Glad you requested this, as I hadn't dusted it off in years. I think my neighbours really regret the fact that you asked for this one, as it went quite loud! Before anybody says anything, yes.. I know the first side is actually 2 tracks. I intentionally put them together as I always felt this 12" was more like a mega mix than 2 tracks. At least when i used to spin, I often played the whole side, and went for a pee, or a beer, whatever.... I think it sounds better this way anyway!

Track 1, Don't Go (Remix) / Don't Go (Re-Remix)

Track 2, Winter Kills

Grab the tracks here!

UK Mute Records 1982, 12 YAZ 001

Personal rating 4.5/5

If I missed something, drop me a post IN HERE, and let me know. Also, I hope this new image size on the LPs works for the people using ITunes.



Dreamwave said...

the sodding zips named as track names.. ah well, it can stay that way for a bit! Just rename them yourself.

harleytexas said...

I can't get any of these to download

Dreamwave said...

should be fixed now.. in retrospect, I might have done this to myself. I intially zipped them, uploaded them and didn't notice that the zip's name was actually one of the tracks names. I deleted these from the site, and when I reuploaded the new files, they never showed up there when you tried to download them. I'm guessing it kept seeing the same sized file and deleted them. Anyway, fixed now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I think your Lightning Seeds link has some problem. Anyway, please share some more, more, more 80s/90s stuff! Theyre excellent!!!! Daniel L. (from SG) .

Kyle McGaw said...

You are a god ! Thanks for the yazoo !

Dreamwave said...

Lightning Seeds works now.. not sure why it stopped....

Dmitry said...

Hi, Dreamwave!

Thank you for the great blog, i`ve found here many interesting stuff.
Also i got to mention the superb design and the way you make your posts - it`s great too and.

And just one request from me - Eight Seconds "Big Houses". Maybe you could help me out with this long searched item.

In advance, thanks a bunch.

Good luck!

King AdBeck said...

Hello. Do you by any chance have A House's "I Think I'm Going Mad" or "Kick Me Again Jesus" - both on Setana? Also resubmitting my request for some Psychedelic Furs or Housemartins 12''s - specifically looking for "Ghost In You" or "Love My Way."
Thanks for all the great posts - this blog has introduced me to some great new music and reacquainted me with many old faves!

Adam at Rebeldog

Anonymous said...

Excellent Site!
The file for the Dream Academy single "Life In A Northern Town" cannot be found, or is corrupt.
Thank You for posting this single! "(Poised on)The Edge Of Forever" is my Favorite Dream Academy song.

Anonymous said...

Its Back!
Thank You for re-uploading Dream Academy!

The Mushroom said...

Thank you for The Dream Academy! It's worth mention that David Gilmour of Pink Floyd fame was the producer and played a bit on the record.

And I too would dig some A House. I have the flexi's but I can't get them to sound that clean when I try ripping them, they come out kinda flat. (Imagine "Santamental" or that early version of "Curious" in CD quality... sigh.)