Monday, April 02, 2007

New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Big EP

New Fast Automatic Daffodils were a simply brilliant outfit to hail from Manchester England in the 90's. Although they never really achieved the success of other bands pounding the airwaves at this time, they sure did leave a remarkable dent in the memories of UK music lovers. With the UK preoccupied with the short lived shoegazer movement, the NEWFAD's melded trippy riffs with their groovy bass lines to produce highly dancefloor ready tracks. The band was touted as being a Happy Mondays rip off band, and as puts it: "They're like filtering The Happy Mondays ethic through Joy Division, The Birthday Party, and The Wedding Present". I believe that this description is spot on, and best exemplifies the sound coming from their 3 solid albums. Funny, my personal favorite release by them, Exit Body-Exit Mind is considered the worst of the three, and only lures a lovely 2/5 stars on most review sites. Yes, perhaps my strange musical tastes are coming through again, or perhaps I just love to be different, as I think this is their stronger release. I'll leave that up to you in the end though, as you go check your local shops for their releases. This EP actually appears on the Pigeonhole LP, and this is a solid release, though I still think the band had a more matured sound by their third album. In any case, any release you buy bu the New Fast Automatic Daffodils will not disappoint, and will be something that will appease your ears for years to come.

Track 1, Big (Edit)

Track 2, Big (Baka)

Track 3, Get Better

Track 4, Get Better (Extended)

Track 5, White

US Mute Records 1991, 9 66510-2

Personal rating 4/5


Anonymous said...

could you repost this, please? i have been looking for this for AGES!

Eden 263 said...

This band make the Happy Mondays look like the monkeys they were. The Fads were the best band on the scene at the time, and remain one of my lifetime favourites.