Thursday, May 03, 2007

Stella Luna - Stargazer EP

If you take the best elements of shoegazer bands like Catherine Wheel, Adorable and My Bloody Valentine and squash it into a simple four track EP, you would have this amazing release by Stella Luna. Simply one of the best releases on the Claire catalog, though unfortunate to have a band who are somewhat perfectionists. Yes, they have been working on an album since the release of this EP many years back, but apparently have scrapped the project several times to rewrite it all. If you get an idea how amazing the band can sound on this EP, imagine a whole album that has taken years to construct. I am personally waiting my time to hear this sheer brilliance to come, and I do hope I'm not disappointed. This has become one of my favorite shoegazer releases over the past few years, and I often sold these in my shop based on the times I played it there. It's one of those releases you have to hear to believe, just don't take my word for it! Pay special attention to 'Antares', and close your eyes and think early Catherine Wheel. If you DO like this, I encourage you to visit the Claire Records website, and give Dan & Heather some of your money, that is if you want them to keep doing the great work they're doing.

Track 1, Change

Track 2, Stargazer

Track 3, Antares

Track 4, A Bridge To Nowhere

Grab the track here!

US Claire Records, FERN019

Personal rating 5/5

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for this. I love shoegaze stuff like Ride, Catherine Wheel, MBV and Slowdive and this certainly hits the same spot.