Thursday, May 17, 2007

Adorable - Kangaroo Court

Adorable were an energetic and amazing band to regard in the early 90's. Their debut album Against Perfection, was a brilliant masterpiece, and is highly sough after to this day by people who adore this music, and collectors. Their second album Fake, however, did lack any sort of punch that made the first album sparkle. Consequently, the band was dropped from the Creation label (do you seem to notice a theme on this label), and Piotr went on to form Polak. Now, I'm not saying this EP is horrible, it might have come off sounding that way as it is from the second album. What I mean, in reality, is that this album sounds more of sorts like a b-side compilations, and outtakes from Against Perfection. That's not really a bad thing, have you actually listened to Suede's Sci-Fi Lullabies? It is an important piece in the realm of the shoegaze word, and should be taken as such; a band who's second album didn't quite live up to the reputation of the first, and we never really got to hear how they would have rebounded from it. Perhaps the third Adorable album would have been as marvelous and groundbreaking as the first? I guess we'll never know...

Track 1, Kangaroo Court

Track 2, Dinosaur #3

Track 3, Ballroom

UK Creation Records 1994, CRESCD 172

Personal rating 3/5

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