Friday, May 11, 2007

Ride - Fall 12"

Going once again, back to the mid 90's for a revival of some of the best music to come out of the UK in that time. We visit another classic Ride EP, wherein lays some gems and possibly the best known and liked Ride track in 'Dreams Burn Down'. Although other Ride tracks might tout as being the most played, 'Leave Them All Behind', for example, is another track that exemplifies the sound, and drew crowds to see Ride live. Perhaps this is my jaded view on which Ride track is actually the best, but I know for sure this is one of my favorite EPs. It doesn't really matter much does it, as long as you adore the music as much as I do (besides, I'll probably change my mind in a week's time anyway!). These boys need to break the spectral barrier on your speakers, and really shake the neighborhood. You'll have to now wait for my next installment of the Ride to complete your fix, but for now I'm sure this will do nicely.

Track 1, Dreams Burn Down

Track 2, Taste

Track 3, Here And Now

Track 4, Nowhere

Grab the tracks here!

UK Creation Records 1990, CRE087T

Personal rating 5/5

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