Thursday, May 17, 2007

L.S.G. - The Black Album

Perhaps of late you're noticing the posts are becoming very similar in taste, and are looking for something a little more radical to set your ears in overdrive. This somewhat nostalgic album by L.S.G (not Levert, Sweat & Gill) should give you a new perspective on some excellent electronic music that came out of Germany some years back. Before I start, this is trance, or at least a branch of it. I think the term is more dark-house, thought I'm not really into sub genres myself. You could go on for days giving sub genres to everything, and your local music shop would need index cards to find anything. I will say that I have a small passion for this type of music, and I also have a 'tiny' collection by most standards of people who either dj or listen to this. I do hope what I have is quality, but then, why do I care? It's quality to me, and that's all that matters! Oliver Lieb (aka- L.S.G., Spicelab, Paragliders, SOL ect) is one of the premier producers and creators of this type of music, hands down. I find his material very creative, and NOT following the traditional 'lalala' type of crap you find on those Global Underground CD compilations. You know the ones right? Where every CD is just different DJs shuffling the same tracks in different orders, and charging you $50 for it.. Yes, L.S.G. has been idolized by being on many of these compilations, the difference being that his material is actually good to listen to on it's own, and not having to be re translated by everyone else. Collected Works is probably my personal favorite release by them, but next to impossible to find. This particular album is good for several reasons to me; first, the music is really dark, a must for me. Second, if you've ever played an older pc game called Hexen, you might remember the sounds he uses later on in the album, oddly enough yes, I remember them.. geek as my wife puts it. The album is a great listen to when you're in a darker mood, and perhaps looking to paint your apartment with a hell bent fury, or just dance about. Either way, you should check out other L.S.G. projects as well, as Lieb is phenomenal in just about everything he does.

Track 1, The Train Of Thought V 0.9

Track 2, The Train Of Thought V 1.1

Track 3, Go Fishing

Track 4, Cellular

Track 5, The Blaxone

Track 6, Rotation

Track 7, 88

Track 8, Freakz

Track 9, Hellfire

Track 10, Deep Blue

Grab the tracks here!

German Black Series Recording 1998

Personal rating 5/5

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