Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Northside - Chicken Rhythms

Some critics feel that Northside were a mere flash in the pan during the early 90's, and perhaps they were not the darlings of MTV, but they still had one solid album which produced two solid singles. Some people associate the 90's with bands such as The Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses, which is not a bad thing, these are excellent bands which I adore. When I seem to recall one of the more distinctive tracks from this era, I always find myself thinking about 'Shall We Take A Trip'. Perhaps 'Take 5' was a bigger single on the charts, possibly because chants of LSD got their other wonderful song banned from most radio stations? I do think that 'Shall We Take A Trip' is more of an anthem for the early 90, as it summed up the experimental cultures that were merging together for the first times. Yes, drugs were rampant, so why not sing about them? In any case, perhaps this is NOT the best album in my collection, but hell, I still play the piss out of it. It's here if you like it or don't, maybe this will take you back to your Hacienda days...

Track 1, Take 5

Track 2, Weight Of Air

Track 3, Funky Munky

Track 4, A Change Is On The Way

Track 5, Yeah Man

Track 6, Tour De World

Track 7, Wishful Thinking

Track 8, Shall We Take A Trip

Track 9, Who's To Blame

Track 10, Practice Makes Perfect

Track 11, My Rising Star

Track 12, Moody Places

Track 13, Tour De World (Live)

Track 14, Yeah Man (Live)

Grab the tracks here! Password-pwemb.blogspot.com

Canadian Factory Records 1991, 520 005-2

Personal rating 4/5

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This is a *great* find - thanks so much. :-)