Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Bloody Valentine - Esctacy And Wine

Although this album is somewhat of a shadow of later MBV albums, it still is an important stepping stone to the force they became with Loveless. Sounding a bit more like a sixties infused Primitives, and perhaps lacking the 'noise' that gave them their godlike status later on, it does have it brilliant moments where the knife-like edges of Jesus And Mary Chain poke through. The songs aren't as focused as later material, but have an almost 'boppy' quality to them which makes them infectious. Since I'm an early Primitives addict, this sound easily grew on me, which is more that can be said for later MBV works which took a bit longer. When I say the later material by MBV took longer to get into, you have to imagine that this album was more what I was used to at the time, and the 'noise factor' was a bit of an acquired taste. Loveless is easily among my favorite albums to date, though I think I would find Esctacy And Wine up there as well, but for different reasons. If you've never had the privilege of hearing this earlier release, then this is your opportunity to embrace the was to become, as the group shook of their sixties vibe, and went down that path later known as shoegaze.

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Track 1, Strawberry Wine

Track 2, Never Say Goodbye

Track 3, Can I Touch You

Track 4, She Loves You No Less

Track 5, The Things I Miss

Track 6, I Don't Need you

Track 7, (You're) Safe In Your Sleep (From This Girl)

Track 8, Clair

Track 9, You've Got Nothing

Track 10, (Please) Lose Yourself In Me

UK Lazy Records 1987, LAZY 12 CD

Personal rating 4.5/5

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Highlander said...

Many thanks for this - another one I meant to buy at the time but my teenage funds fell short.