Sunday, October 14, 2007

Recoil - Bloodline

After much success with the supergroup Depeche Mode, Alan Wilder ventured off to continue his solo project recoil. Some might say that this was musical suicide, though if you hear the varied dark ranges of sounds withing this album, you might conclude that he no longer felt he fit in with the DM format. Perhaps this really isn't the case, perhaps he was just becoming tired of the limelight that was constantly focused on Depeche Mode, or perhaps he just had yearnings to make a name for himself with his own music. Yes, you will see similarities with his previous bands released, namely towards the Violator spectrum. Although this album had gone down a darker path which resonates with a heavier electronic sound which DM dared not go. His fame has has permitted him to gather a wealth of guest appearances on this album, namely Douglas McCarthy of Nitzer Ebb, who more so emanates the sound of this album in their later releases. Yes, there are moments when you feel like you MAY be listening to a DM b-side, 'Freeze' for example sounds like something DM would have recorded, but had chopped to the cutting room floor, as does 'The Defector'. While it's not incredibly groundbreaking material, it does afford for a good listen, and give you the chance to see what was always stirring in the back of Alan's mind as he worked with DM. I think any fan of DM should get a decent amount of pleasure out of this album, I have for some years now.

Track 1, Faith Healer

Track 2, Electro Blues For Bukka White

Track 3, The Defector

Track 4, Edge To Life

Track 5, Curse

Track 6, Bloodline

Track 7, Freeze

Grab the tracks here!

US Sire Records 1992, 9 26850-2

Personal rating 3.5/5


Jon said...

I Love this record. I had it on tape and wore it out. Thanks a ton for putting it up. Keep up the good work!!

dr. mabuse said...

This album is awesome. I still have my US promo CD with the cut through the jewel case. The moby track is ace, as is Faith Healer and the track with Toni from Curve.

The Mushroom said...

Excellent sophomore effort. If you think the DM sound comes through on this one, consider his first release, Hydrology & 1+2, where tracks "1" and "2" are sound montages of DM samples.

Not as much into later Recoil releases.

Anonymous said...

Um, dr.? There's TWO tracks with Toni Halliday.

Also, this album is MILES better than the last two DM's