Friday, October 12, 2007

Lupine Howl - 125

It goes to show that good things can happen when a supergroup's leader decides to fire the rest of the band. In this case, Spiritualized front man Jason Pierce fired his bassist, guitarist and drummer, who eventually became Lupine Howl. One thing to note at this point is that the following Spiritualized album sucked, and the debut Lupine Howl album was excellent... see a connection? It kind of goes to show that a band is not always about a single person. This particular 'short' album is a great listen, although it was one of those albums that took a listen or two to actually find the spark within. This was a brilliant place for the post-Spiritualized members to kick off the new career, and hopefully they continue to show their former leader what he lost.

Track 1, 125

Track 2, Vaporizer

Track 3, Tired

Track 4, Swell

Track 5, Bronzage

Track 6, Mexican Cantina

Track 7, Voodoo Raygun

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UK Vinyl Hiss Records 2000, BBQ 347CDE

Personal rating 4/5


Anonymous said...

Great! Looked years for this!

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