Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Alarm - Rain In The Summertime

Why I shunned The Alarm I'll never know. They were a band that I blew off on one crap song I heard back a million years ago, then never bothered to listen to anything else. What have I done with my life? I have since given myself the 20 lashes, and done my hail whoevers', and I feel much better now.. really. I must say, I've become quite addicted to these blokes of late, and this track in particular has gotten quite a bit of attention. I figured the only fair thing to do was shove a bit of it down your throats, just in case you had not given them the time of day. This is one brilliant track, and not sure why I always missed it over the years. It could go in my top 100 tracks, but I've not forgiven myself that much yet. I guess we'll have to see won't we? You might see a bit more of their material poking up here, don't be surprised, I still feel a tad guilty you see.

Track 1, Rain In The Summertime

Track 2, Rose Beyond The Wall

Track 3, Bells Of Rhyney (Live In Cardiff Arms Park)

Track 4, Time To Believe

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UK I.R.S. Records 1987, IRMT 144

Personal rating 4/5

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Aaron said...

Good to see this one here! I developed a fondness for this song in the mid-90s. It could have done with some less static production, but it's a great song.

Anonymous said...

One of the great songs and bands of the 80's. Hope to see some more Alarm on the blog. Thanks for the post!

BLS said...

I always loved The Alarm, who wore their revolutionary spirit proudly. While I do like this single, it never grabbed my like 68 Guns or Spirit of '76, two of the greatest rock anthems ever. "Rain" always seemed a bit too polished to be a true Alarm track.