Monday, February 04, 2008

The Comsat Angels - Day One

This post should have some interest, as it seems every time I write something on blogs about The Comsat Angels, people have something to say. I do like the band, I just wanted to get that out of the way before I do anything else here. BUT, the later material (you know the stuff CFNY and other 'Modern Rock' stations played the crap out of), kinda sucked. Yes, I've said it. The band was at it's prime earlier on, before the fluffy-happy-go-lucky let's make a hit song. OK, I'll be the first one to admit that 'You Move Me' is not a bad song, it's just not their best. Compare if you dare the album Waiting For A Miracle to the '84/85 era material, and see which you think has the kahoonas. The sad reality is that most hits came from 84/85, and stuck the above mentioned track into everyone's brain. I'm probably not improving the situation by actually posting this mini LP, but I hope you'll now want to go out and purchase something from '80/81 and hear the difference yourself. Like I said, I do like this song, it's just that it pales in comparison to earlier works. To prove my point, did you happen to notice that 'Independence Day' was released in 1980, and again on their album in 1983? Oh but that's ok, you can also get the live version here.

Track 1, Day One

Track 2, You Move Me (One Good Reason)

Track 3, Will You Stay Tonight (Live In Amsterdam)

Track 4, Independence Day (Live In Amsterdam)

Grab the tracks here!

Canadian Jive Records 1984, JVD-027

Personal rating 3/5

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Anonymous said...

I think you will find that they was very under rated!
Hits? I dont think they had hits?

Dreamwave said...

They did have several hits, call them what you will. They had several tracks that made it onto many compilations, that counts for something in my books.

Ralph said...

I don't know if I'm the exception, but I like both their early stuff and some of their more popish stuff - some of the later singles are good, but the earlier albums were definitely more consistent. It's too bad that many people's only exposure to this very under-rated band is from I'm Falling in some really stupid mid 80's movie that I can't remember the title of - I think Val Kilmer was in it though. I think that was a great single, probably one of my favourite comsat tracks.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree people keep slagging off their later albums, Land and 7 Day Weekend etc, ok it wasnt edgy dark brilliance like the sleep no more Miracle, Fiction era, but what it was was catchy funky and slick , tracks like Im falling, A world Away, Alicia, and the absolutely terriffic Will you stay tonight are all fantastic new wave pop gems,not to mention the moody late night feel Cutting Edge. The band in Steves words could not continue in the doom gloom phase forever,they needed a lighter direction to keep their sanity!Beside the record label wanted commercial sucess. People should give credit where its due instead off slagging the albums off all the while.

rdx said...

Hi and thanks for the post - great work and keep it up.

For those who thought that their best work was in the mid 80s, listen to "My Minds Eye" - re-released by UK label Renascent in 2007.

Gone are the doom-and-gloom and melancholia. The instrumentation is rich, lush and colourful. Here is a band freed from the shackles of commercialism, making music that they love.

"Field of tall flowers" was an instant favourite - it just jumped out of the speakers and right into that sweet spot in my mind - lyrics, music, a feeling.

Move on and free yourself from the past - the band did! You have untold listening pleasure ahead!

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Yes My Minds Eye is a great album, Shiva Descending Driving and Field of tall flowers are classics.

Rae's Life trials said...

Hye I LOVE THE NAME AUBREY! im using it in a story Im writing great post but te way :)